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Come stay a while  at the Cyclin-Inn's.  Here you will find a three bedroom house, complete with a 2 bathrooms. 

House Notes

The town of Whalan goes to sleep around 9pm.  Please be considerate of your neighbors your voice travels far through the valley.

The not allowed list:

      No shoes on the  CARPET (Cyclin-Inn Only)

      No Animals (Cyclin-Inn Only) - You will be asked to leave w/out refund if you bring a pet into the house.  No exceptions.

      No smoking in the house

      No loud music after 9pm ( please be considerate during the day too)

      No candles in the house

      No littering

      No bubbles / soap / or oils in the Jacuzzi it ruins the pumps (Cyclin-Inn Only)

      No kids at the beach w/out an adult and a life jacket it is a river.. not a lake

Please dos

      Put furniture / toys back where you found it -  both inside and outside of the house

      Clean fish outside

      Lock doors and windows after departure

      Place key back in the lock box located in the porch

         Enjoy your stay

      Enjoy the bike trail, the river and the great hiking through the bluffs

 Btw.. the Jeeps Tours are awesome



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Cyclin-Inn of Whalan        Cyclin-Up Inn Whalan
439 Half Street            920 Bench Street
Whalan, MN  55949

Tammy's Cell Phone:  507-251-5101, all messages returned within hours.